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The 216 fertile soil academic forum was held successfully

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At 9:00 on December 22, the 216 fertile soil academic forum was successfully launched in civil engineering building 201. Professor Wang Xiangyu, academician and doctoral supervisor of the European Academy of Sciences, was the speaker, and the report title was "how to improve academic creativity and influence - new engineering perspective". This report is carried out in the form of "online offline linkage". Vice president Wang Jianqun and some representatives of teachers and students attended the report.

In his report, Wang Xiangyu said that the essence of academic research is to put forward new ideas, design new methods and create new knowledge. Academic influence is a natural communication mechanism born in the academic community. Reasonable academic evaluation should be based on peer review around the research content itself, supplemented by more abundant qualitative and quantitative information as support and reference.

Report the scene

Wang Xiangyu analyzed the current situation, opportunities and challenges of the industry, and described how to establish the knowledge system, put forward the "engineering brain theory", and described the framework construction of "engineering brain", including perception module, analysis and decision module, information output module, storage module, etc.

Everyone is listening to the report

This report deeply analyzes the dynamic relationship between academic creativity and influence, and provides targeted opinions and suggestions to scholars at different academic stages, which is conducive to improving their academic creativity and international influence, and will contribute to the scientific innovation and development of the Academy.

Wang Xiangyu, Professor, doctoral advisor, Professor of national talent program; Member of the European Academy of Sciences; The number of highly cited articles in construction and construction / Civil Engineering / transportation ranked the top three in the world; Global research leader in the field of "new infrastructure", global industry experts and academic authority of "intelligent engineering" (including "intelligent industry", "digital / intelligent construction and manufacturing", "smart city"); Web of science building information model (BIM) / the most productive scientist in the field of intelligent construction (No.1 in the world); The concept and knowledge system of "engineering brain" are put forward for the first time. He is currently the director of BIM research center in Australia and Asia; Professor for life, University of Curtin, Australia; Chief scientist, Institute of smart city, Chongqing University; Professor, School of civil engineering, Tongji University; Former chief scientist of Woodside; Founder and former chairman of Catina, Australian Industrial Federation; Founding member of the Council of the Global Forum on scientific and technological innovation (gstif); Marquis world who / Hall of fame Lifetime Achievement Award winner. He has presided over more than 100 projects at home and abroad, and obtained more than 200 million yuan of scientific research and technology incubation funds; Nearly 300 papers on SC / SSCI have been published (nearly 100 papers in the first district of Chinese Academy of Sciences): 20 + highly cited articles, 8 + hot articles, nearly 7000 times of web of science core collection, and more than 50 h-index, which have been selected into the 0.2% world top scientists list.

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