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Professor Wang Xiangyu: how to improve academic creativity and influence

Release date: December 22, 2021 Editor: Visits:


twelve month twenty-two day 9:00 In the civil building of our hospital two hundred and one The two hundred and sixteen Civil engineering academic forum. Wang Xiangyu, academician of the European Academy of Sciences, delivered a lecture on the topic of the forum“ how increase learning creative ability And influence power ”。

The forum was presided over by Wang Jianqun, vice president of our college. He warmly welcomed Professor Wang Xiangyu and his team for their online participation. Then Professor Wang Xiangyu began to be wonderful presentation Professor Wang Xiangyu's report It is divided into four parts: firstly, the research background of Engineering brain is introduced; Then the framework of the engineering brain is highlighted; Then it shows the application of Engineering brain in practical engineering; Finally, the future development direction of Engineering brain is prospected. stay site The teachers and students listened carefully and the applause continued.

Professor Wang Xiangyu introduced his team's research achievements in the cross field of civil engineering and computer science: Engineering brain The system takes the human brain structure as the blueprint, and turns each part into an engineering system with computer as the main body even to the extent that Mechanics construction Supervision and maintenance And so on brain effect. The system is still in the early stage of application and belongs to the frontier high-tech in the field of civil engineering relatively Large development space and application value.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Wang Xiangyu answered the key points of interdisciplinary learning for teachers and students in our college, It shows the future of civil engineering for teachers and students Developing the front meanwhile From the individual and team Two aspects introduce Yes scientific research study Due direction encourage everybody Together fighting This academic forum has been broadened Meeting teachers and students Of learning Vision, set an example of learning, stimulate civil engineering students' interest in academic research and the motivation of unremitting struggle.

Wang Xiangyu, Professor, doctoral advisor, Professor of national talent program; Member of the European Academy of Sciences; Architecture and construction / civil engineering / The number of highly cited articles in the three major fields of transportation ranked the top three in the world; "New infrastructure" field global research leader, "Engineering Intelligence" global industry experts and academic authority; Web of science Building information model / The most productive scientist in the field of intelligent construction (No.1 in the world); The concept and knowledge system of "engineering brain" are put forward for the first time. Currently in Australia and Asia BIM Director of the research center; Professor for life, University of Curtin, Australia; Chief scientist, Institute of smart city, Chongqing University; Professor, School of civil engineering, Tongji University; Former chief scientist of Australia Energy Group; Founder and former chairman of the Australian Federation of industry; "Global science and technology innovation forum" GSTIF ”Founding member of the Council; Marquis Who's Who / Winner of the hall of fame Lifetime Achievement Award; Before being selected in the world 0.2% Top scientists.