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Student work

Civil Engineering College won the first prize of the total score of students' military training group

Release time: October 1, 2021 Editor: Publicity Department, College of Civil Engineering Visits:


At 7:00 on September 30, at the track and field field of North University of science and technology, Hunan University of science and technology officially began its 2021 military training performance. With its neat gymnastics and sonorous spirit, the College of civil engineering won the first prize of the total score of the student military training group. Looking back on the training life of these days, we can know that such honor is really worthy of our reputation.

In order to carry forward the glorious tradition of the army and build a fine style of study. On September 19, the 2021 freshmen of our college started a two-week military training life.

The sun is hanging in the sky, and the hot sunshine is shining on the young faces of the freshmen. They are firm on their faces and welcome the coming military training life with a positive and enterprising attitude and full of spirit.

"Step in step! One two one, one two one! Stand at attention!" Although the red sun was in the sky, the freshmen enthusiastically participated in the training, practiced the new movements over and over again, standing in military posture, walking in unison, saluting, swinging arms... Under the guidance of the instructor, they began to get better and better. These movements were engraved into their bones, and their sweat beat on the ground drop by drop, which is the witness of their hardship and persistence. At the same time, the square formation team composed of the elite of each row also started their formal training. Step military posture is their first lesson, which is to train the team members to move the center of gravity forward and back, enhance the stability of the body, and also exercise the strength of the legs of the team members, so that they can experience the characteristics of the force from the legs to the whole body, so as to lay a good foundation for future training. "Come on, brother!", Facing the scorching sun, they are encouraging each other, shouting and cheering for each other. While cheering for their peers, they are also encouraging themselves. The sweat on their faces is also reflected in the sunlight.

The moon in the sky is bright and the Mid Autumn Festival is round. September 21 is the Mid Autumn Festival. In the spare time of training, the freshmen actively go to the front of the team to introduce themselves and show their talents. In the special day of the Mid Autumn Festival, their relationship with each other is more closely united under the common training. After the training, Wang Yan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Academy, Liao Jibiao, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Liu Xing, a level 21 counselor, came to the military training ground for freshmen to express their sympathy for their homesickness. They also distributed moon cakes to all the freshmen, instructors, class assistants and squatters, sending them a wonderful holiday blessing. Freshmen have said that they are very excited to receive the moon cakes prepared by the college on the Mid Autumn Festival. Although they are in a foreign country and can't spend the Mid Autumn Festival with their families, they can harvest joy and happiness and feel the warmth of home just as they celebrate the festival with teachers and students in school.

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From the hot summer to the autumn wind, the basic learning content of military training has come to an end. On this day, instructors began to teach catching fist. Compared with the previous military training content, catching fist is more interesting and vivid, but also more challenging. In the instructor's patient teaching and repeated demonstration, the freshmen have initially mastered the essentials of catching the enemy fist. Although the hands and feet are slightly immature, they are still elegant.

From the initial ignorant freshmen to the valiant soldiers on the training ground, The freshmen recalled these days of military training, not only realized the difficulty of being a soldier, but also felt the warmth of the collective and the strength of unity. Standing in a military posture has trained our endurance; Playing the right step has trained our will; Singing military songs has given us a profound education. Over the past ten days, I have become dare to challenge myself and overcome myself. Two weeks are coming. Military training newborn We grow up, feel and taste in the test after test University of science and technology Military training time, the harvest belongs to their own special temperature.

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No clothes? He is in the same robe with his son. Cultivate my armour and go with my son. Military training is the first springboard for freshmen to connect with universities. It is of great significance to cultivate Freshmen's spirit of hard work, unity and mutual assistance, and to enhance patriotism and national defense concept. The body of iron and steel has been forged through repeated tempering, The ambition of forging a rock under the wind and sun. final, Civil Engineering The son lived up to expectations, Won the first prize of 2021 student military training group total score believe They too Be able to The next study life We are not afraid of difficulties, temper our tenacity, uphold the momentum of riding the wind and waves, display strong ambition, and promote the wind of civil engineering For the first lesson to draw a satisfactory end.

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